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The Parent Home page shows initial information about the student(s) connected to the Parent's account. Below is a description of the basic features of the page.


  1. After logging in to the Student Progress Center, you will see messages from the school or central office on the left, and your child(ren)'s summary information on the right.
  2. To see details about a student, click on the student's picture.
  3. Click on "Absence" count to see detailed information about the child's attendance.
  4. Click on "Work Due" to see information about upcoming assignments or lessons.
  5. Click on "Notes" to see any notes from teachers.
  6. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a drop down arrow. The menu contains a list of children connected to your user name and password, an option to Link other students to this account, and if available, update your Contact Information.


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