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Connect to your child's page to view attendance, discipline, grades, and more!

Accessing SPC

Learn to access details about your child's grades, assignments, calendar, attendance, discipline, transcript, test scores, and fees.

Mobile Shortcut

Learn how to save a shortcut to your mobile home screen.


Keep track of the assignments in your child's classes without registering. Note: Only assignment information can be viewed from this link. A student's personal information is not visible.

Link Students

View all your children with one username and password by linking them together.

Contact Information

Update your address, phone numbers, and email address so that the school has current contact information. Note: This feature has to be enabled by the school district.

Forgot Password?

Learn how to change your password.

JCampus Student

This is the new cell phone app and is the app version of the Student Progress Center for iOS and Android.